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Tate Tucker hits us with a double time with "Just Wanna"

Tate Tucker has got us high as all hell with his new release of "Just Wanna". The LA native has hit us with the most hype of tracks he's released yet. Time to turn the fuck up.

It's interesting because it's a turn up tune but also has this mellow trap production that makes you believe you should put a lil lean in your drink. The video is extremely trippy. Tate finds himself in a grow op with some (one) flower, weed plants in the background, 70's glasses and an open velvet shirt. Sort of like an urban Hugh Hefner from the 70's with a 2016 flare of "weed is legal so I can dance in front of these plants bih". Plus the hook is catchy as fuck, you know you and your homies are about to have this stuck in your head for a minute.

"We just want to squad to be guapin / she just wanna to roll cause we poppin / we just wanna ride wit the hip hop / she just tryna cuff like a wrist watch"

The song is lit and the video is on fire - check it out for yo damn self!

Connect with Tate: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Future R&B · Hip-Hop


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