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Rising stars Terror Jr recruits Vasco for irresistible "Say So" remix

After having their debut single featured in Kylie Jenner's action-packed "Glosses" promo video and garnering tens of millions of streams across SoundCloud and Spotify, the mysterious pop trio Terror Jr has unleashed a stunning, genre-bending remix of early single, "Say So." Vasco, who's been building his production resume with remixes for Danish superstar and a handful of indie upstarts, turns the track into an joyous, unpredictable romp with bubbly, inventive synths, a Flume-like drum groove, and irresistible vocal samples that warp from deep depths to unthinkable heights. 

The track kicks off with some of those samples, which are soon met with tropical-sounding synths and angelic vocals from Terror Jr. Then, the sweeping synths and drum hits that seem to come out of nowhere bring the song to a stutter that struts through the chorus with confidence. In just under 3 minutes, Terror Jr and Vasco put their listeners through the ringer. But if other listeners are like me, they'll end the song dumbstruck with a smile on their face before they hit play again and again.

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