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Doorly remixes Stylo G's and Jacob Plant's dancehall anthem, "Bike Engine"

After amassing an impressive amount of fans, followers, and new listeners, Jacob Plant's and Stylo G's hit "Bike Engine" remains a fun and exciting track to get parties started. Fortunately, Doorly refuses to let the dancehall smash disappear or linger untouched. The British DJ decided to put his own signature spin in his remix, which should give previous "Bike Engine" supporters a second wind. 

Doorly experiments with a significantly different sound in his remix. While he retains Sytlo G's vocals through the hook, the DJ strips a considerable amount of the lighter percussion and good vibes of the original, and replaces each with weightier piano chords and a fat bassline. "Bike Engine" remains a song geared towards removing listeners out of their seats and dancing, but it has darker, edgier ambiance. Doorly truly left his mark on the track, and to see the difference, you should definitely stream it above. 

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Dancehall · Electronic · Reggae


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