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PRXZM's "Royalty" is sparkling madness [Premiere]

Production duo PRXZM is a rising name in the electronic scene with a wispy future bass style and enticing vocal work. The duo made up of Nick and Emma comes out hot from the Los Angeles scene aiming to make waves with their sweet sounds. What intrigued me about this duo initially were their dreamlike renditions of Porter Robinson tracks including "Sad Machine" and "Sea of Voices". Their takes on his music give it a refreshing and updated makeover with Emma's vocal work giving the music life and vivacity. As a duo, PRXZM's sound encompasses an enigmatic energy that falls somewhere in between video game glitch and a somber indie love song. The artists stand out by delivering emotion to synthesized sonic constructions. 

Today EARMILK presents to you a new release from PRXZM, "Royalty". The track boasts a bubbly and imaginative soundscape with all the necessary feelsy vibes. Beginning with a classic piano insert, the track flips around completely into a kawaii collage, saturated with quirky samples (that "pika" though). With a perky bass that pumps throughout the track, PRXZM's latest will not disappoint. Coming out strong as a eclectic and creative duo, PRXZM continues to deliver upbeat and fun tunes that additionally have the ability to fill emotional voids. Cheers to finding that difficult balance between a cutesy aesthetic and meaningful music.

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