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Wanna know "What's Real"? Check out Watzreal [Video]

Let's be real: if you really know what's real, you know about Watzreal, the Bay Area emcee with more slaps than E. Honda himself. The SF native -- who seemingly drops a new banger every other day -- is back yet again with the self-referential "What's Real," a no-holds-barred exposé on what's really going down in the rap game.

"What's Real" is a perfect example of what makes Watzreal so great. There's nothing gimmicky or fabricated about his music; he speaks the truth and stays true to himself, all while ripping the M-I-C with hard-hitting punchlines and a powerful delivery. The latter is evidenced by the track's anthemic hook, which is a key ingredient in Watzreal's most memorable jams, like the infectious "New Bay." "What's Real" is a single off of the upcoming THE: The Human Experience project, Watzreal's follow-up to his previous album, Wisdom Wit Attitude.

Peep out the flick for "What's Real" below and find out what's really real.

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