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Wistappear release swirling indie rock tune "Our Tornado" [Premiere]

SoCal indie rockers Wistappear have a mischievous and whimsical approach to their music. In their song “Our Tornado” they blend styles and genres like crazed wizards meticulously through potions in their cauldrons. The song begins with playful psych rock notes before the clouds clear into a crisp bridge with rich vocals and guitar tones. Just as you find your zen in the welcoming melody it swirls and turns into a distorted cacophony of reverb and other effects. Like a tornado the song dances and whirls violently, at times calm and flowing, at times aggressive and menacing. The single is off their forthcoming record Knack For Whatever, out November 18th.

Connect with Wistappear: Soundcloud | Facebook 

Feature · Indie · Premiere · Psych-rock


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