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Rainsford's "Too Close" exposes love's vulnerable side [Premiere]

A narrative within a melody can reveal an honesty in the most poetic way. Bringing this rawness to your ears is singer Rainsford. Born in New York and raised in Asheville, NC, Rainsford was always surrounded  in a creative environment, with her father teaching her guitar and a strong background in dance. The singer/songwriter also known as Rainey Qualley, is currently based in Los Angeles and takes on a traditional style that meets indie electronic vibes. "S.I.D" was released just 2 months ago and depicted Rainford's unbelievable falsetto and ability to grasp at listener's emotions through words and vocals. The track had an unorthodox electronic aspect, giving it a spin to mark the songstress as explorative in her music.

Today, we're excited to premiere Rainford's new track "Too Close". As somber as the words are from the track, it stands out as a light soulful work. Her songwriting tactics successfully merge with her ability to create a pop catchiness. The track has a reminiscent sound, similar to the something of breezy soul or R&B tunes of the early 90s. The bouncy plucks in the back and bubbly energy starkly contrasts to Rainy's sweet vocals. The release perfectly describes Rainford's musical signature, highlighting the artist's quirky approaches to a classic style. 

"Too close is a really personal song for me. I wrote it about being in an unhappy situation and I realizing over time I need to get as far away from it as possible. But I wanted to write it in a way that sounded like a break-up song so that people could relate more easily. Since the motivation for writing it came from a dark place, I wanted to juxtapose that sonically and create a song that feels really good. I've been looking forward to putting this song out for a while. It's very cathartic to share what (Producer/cowriter) Nick Dungo and I brought to life." - Rainsford

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