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Tom Misch celebrates the release of Jordan Rakei's first album with edit of "Midnight Mischief"

Ever since I heard Jordan Rakei cover "Blackbird" in 2013, I could not refuse the imminent stardom he was destined for. His originals around that time captured attention from musicians all over, landing him spots on "Sunrise / Beautiful" by Ta-Ku, "Wake Up This Day" by Tom Misch and even "Masterpiece" by Disclosure. Out of all of his collaborations, we find him most comfortable with London counterpart Tom Misch (who at this point you might think I have an unhealthy obsession with). I hate going back to back, but here's a combo of the two friends, an edit of Jordan's single off of his first superlative album Cloak, "Midnight Mischief".

Cloak has been available for just over 48 hours, and in that time the album is currently sitting at #9 on the soul/RnB chart on iTunes, and #1 on the soul/RnB chart on bandcamp. Needless to say this might be the come up for Mr. Rakei, tumbling like a snowball through the blogosphere and song charts.

Rakei, has penned an open letter of sorts, explaining a little more on his creative process during the writing and recording of the album:

"It was close to midnight. I found myself silently standing on a beach in Piha, staring at the stars. I'd never seen the stars like that before. There was a stillness and oneness that resonated with me. I finally came to terms with the insignificance of "us" and set myself on a quest of self-discovery through music and meditation. It was a war against my pre-conditioned mind, but one I was willing to fight.

"I, like many others, was enslaved by reactionary thought and emotional cause. I lived life through the projection of my ego. My ego would feed off negative emotions, public perception, expectation and a need to be somewhere I wasn't. It was through a conversation I had with myself, where I realised I had an ability to control it. This opened my mind to the concept of duality and my second self. 

"There is a deep space within us, usually cloaked by our emotions. A stillness. The more we delve, the faster we can re-wire our mind and un-learn all that we have been force fed. Shed your Cloak."

In congruity with this idea, Tom jumped on an edit to celebrate the release, turning around an uptempo version of Rakei's originally slow moving mischief. The friendship spans not only in reality but through their ideals and musical abilities, showing us all just how amazing truth and talent can be for two young individuals.

Listen to Tom's edit of "Midnight Mischief" below and check out Cloak here.


Cloak Tracklist:

  1. Midnight Mischief
  2. Snitch feat. Remi
  3. Blame It On The Youth
  4. The Light
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Still (Interlude)
  7. Rooftop
  8. Lost Myself
  9. Toko feat. Richard Spaven
  10. Cupid's Cheese feat. Ngaiire
  11. Theta State
  12. Sworn Enemy
  13. Tawo

Connect with Tom Misch: Twitter | Soundcloud

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