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ODIE releases a masterpiece titled "Penny"

A couple months ago we did an interview with ODIE to premiere his last song "Catch Up". And on Friday, he released his newest track titled "Penny" produced by UNITÉ

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This "Toronto Californian" has such a unique sound - much like Chance The Rapper or Smino - ODIE uses his voice as another instrument to build the song. He seems to really believe in the storytelling part of the songwriting craft. His story unfolds as the song progresses, but as the beat builds, the production adds an eclectic mix of instruments. By the end of the track there are so many layered sounds that you can't necessarily tell what is being used. An important thing to note about this progression is the fact that it is calculated. Utilizing too many instruments within a song is known to become busy, but when they are used right then that my friend, is magic. ODIE told EARMILK about letting go with this song in particular. 

" The literal idea behind the song was recounting a drunken night I had in Northern England, where I made the mistake of calling someone I shouldn’t of and revealing things I shouldn’t have said, but beyond that it was more about me being honest and expressing things I want to voice but would typically keep to myself."

His voice creates this rhythm throughout the song and the inflection in his tone carries a really unique rap-sing cadence that is no doubt my favorite genre of music now-a-days. So as I've said before, keep an eye on this one. He's one of the YGs of our generation pioneering that sound.

Connect with ODIE: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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