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AYER's "My Hands" is a lust-filled work of art

With both New York and Los Angeles as his home, artist AYER is a new name that has managed to creep his way onto our radar. The multi-talented artist does it all: from producing, songwriting to singing, AYER sports a retro vibe with a falsetto to die for. After rummaging through the artist's library, we found some quality gems including "Next to Mine" featuring Boogrov and "Cold Fire in Rain". What sparked our interest in the artist is his updated Bee-Gees vibe, a post-disco sound with an undeniable soul in his vocal chops. 

His latest track "My Hands", fully delivers that smooth R&B vibe with a nostalgic electronic twist. Starting off with a sweet piano intro, it contrasts into deeper bass-lines to develop a sick groove. AYER's lush vocals are at almost a sultry whisper, creating the perfect atmosphere to mimic the fleeting feelings of lust. The catchy chorus loops in and out, inducing a hypnotic vibe to the poppy work. The track concludes perfectly with the inclusion of a sexy saxophone excerpt, further bringing it back to its nostalgic touches. 

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