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k?d envisions the "Birth of the Universe" in latest track

Is k?d even real? How is it humanly possible to unleash hit after hit while never compromising concept or quality. The producer has been riding a roller coaster of success with his viral rendition of Daft Punk's "Doin' It Right" and the enigmatic original "Somewhere Far Away", amongst many more. K?d has garnered a strong following in the scene and has collaborated with a range of artists from Rahn Harper to Luca Lush. And the hype only seems to be rising as each of his releases has been outstanding.

Here he's back to fill our hearts with another enchanting track approapriateiy titled "Birth of the Universe". The track begins with a cinematic layering of glowing ambience and shiny synth work. Referencing the name of the work, the track encapsulates a sense of journey and new beginnings. The explosive drop is introduced by a distorted 80's inspired drum kicks. In a waning sensation, the off pitch melodies and luminescence braid together an otherworldly experience. With it's dramatic piano outro, the melodies of "Birth of the Universe" evoke a full poignance and listeners are lead into a spiral of the bittersweet unknown.

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