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You will feel at "home" with morgxn's anthemic release [Premiere]

You see that exit sign that is all too familiar or you take that first step out of the airport terminal and breathe in the sweet air around — you are home. In LA based artist morgxn's self-proclaimed electro-church track "home" he perfectly portrays this sense of jubilation in a homecoming. Grooving guitar melodies and sultry vocals float like thick smoke through the verse, contorting around claps and ahs before opening into a massive gospel led chorus. A choir sings along in ecstasy, "Take me back home to the place where I belong, there's nothing like it." It's anthemic, it's enlightening, it's inspiring. Home isn't where the heart is; home is where your heart feels alive, where you are surrounded by people or feelings that usher you in with open arms and say welcome — and that is exactly what this song does. With it's dark but uplifting melody it beckons and assures you, welcome, you are home. If you like what you hear, catch morgxn as he heads on tour with Skylar Grey, you can find dates and tickets here

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