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Listen to Jason Nolan's mellow, vibrant new track "The Offing" [Premiere]

Jazz flutist and electronic artist Jason Nolan is about to release his 6-track debut EP Wonder Years via the Majestic Casual label soon, and based on this fourth single, listeners won't want to miss out. 

Nolan's EP is centered around a central theme of escapism, and "The Offing" perfectly captures a moment in time between dreaminess and reality. While listening to "The Offing", listeners may feel as if they're taking a journey through life from the perspective of a child. A cool bass melody opens up the track, with blinking synths and bongos gradually creeping their way into the song as well. Nolan's vocals make their appearance on "The Offing", a muted indie affair that contrasts with the lush, downtempo production like a light summer rain. Intimate and animated, "The Offing" has an innocent sound speckled with twinkling bells and amplified by vocals that eventually escalate into a warm chant before bringing the track back full circle. 

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