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Fabich, Ferdinand Weber & SAINT WKND show "All of My Love" [Premiere]

Swedish dance music label PRMD has a proven record of delivering catchy house tracks that are just a little bit outside of the box. We’ve seen the outfit release just about every Avicii hit, link up with up and coming electro soul hit-making duo King Arthur, and singles from PANG! And Cazzette. If you’re on the up and up in the crossover world, a look from PRMD is a big deal. And today, we’re helping to launch the label’s next release – and it’s collaboration of impressive proportions.

“All Of My Love” has many parts making up its appeal. The first is Fabich, a German nu disco and house artist whose latest release happens to be a collaboration with fellow countryman and house groove maker Ferdinand Weber, who is the second piece to this successful puzzle. The third piece comes from SAINT WKND, who we’ve seen rise from his funky g-house inspired remixes. The last piece is the wonder that a good collaboration can create, bringing out new sounds from all artists involved. All three artists have a unique point of view on their own music, but in coming together have unearthed an impressive common link between their concentration on melody, groove and production quality. “All Of My Love” might remind you a little bit of the work of Disclosure at first, but in the end its appeal is much more wide reaching than you might think, with 80’s, 90’s and contemporary dance music influences all apparent in one single song. “All of My Love” is out tomorrow, September 16th.

Dance · House · Main Stage · Nu-disco · Premiere


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