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Fans of Broad City need to listen to Jarina De Marco's "Tigre"

I'm a massive fan of Broad City and if you guys and gals are as well, than you'll be happy to know that a Broad City Original Series Soundtrack is on the way! Just the other week, they unveiled their first record from the forthcoming album, featuring a tropical flavored banger “Tigre” by emerging Dominican/Canadian artist Jarina De Marco. After spending her childhood traveling Latin America with her family and spending time in remote parts of the Amazonian rainforest and Dominican countryside cataloguing indigenous sounds and rhythms, De Marco picked up some vibes and flavors along the way, those sounds are perfectly reflected in her refreshing cross cultural dance tune. 

"Tigre" will be featured exclusively on the soundtrack which was curated by Music Supervisor Matt FX Feldman and will be available on all formats via Milan Records and in association with Comedy Central Records on October 28, 2016. But in the meantime you can stream it over on our good friend Soundcloud now. 

Connect with Jarina De Marco: Soundcloud 

Dance · Dancehall


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