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Jameston Thieves goes back to his house roots in "Hypnotic"

Hailing from Phoenix, Jameston Thieves is probably a name you've come across as of late. The upcoming producer has a undeniably unique take on electronic music, developing a fusion of all genres within a heavy bass sound. From dubstep, bass house, g house, hip hop and more, Jameston Thieves has approached his craft at all angles, citing a strong literacy in production. With releases off major labels including Buygore and Dim Mak, the producer proves that experimentation is key when it comes to staying relevant. Released off Uprise Music, Jameston Thieves presents his latest offering "Hypnotic", an unexpected house track that fits in all the right grooves. 

The latest release from the bass mogul isn't quite exactly as new as you'd think. According to his socials, Jameston Thieves states "I wrote this tune about a year and a half ago, towards the beginning of my explorations in house music. I make a LOT of music that never see's the public, but this one has been such a consistent staple in my live sets, I decided why not Slingshot it into the universe...". The producer reels in classic house vibes with soulful vocals over slippery synths. Eventually adding his own quirky twist, Jameston Thieves deepens the work with clunky bass-lines. The catchy work shows an unfamiliar side to the innovative producer, further reinstating his eclectic abilities.  

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