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Kattison gets us dancing "Up and Down" these streets [Premiere]

Who would have thought that being lovesick would feel so good? Dj/producer Kattison has the perfect remedy in his new single “Up and Down”—you’ll be dancing and shaking off any bad energy in no time. The way Kattison packs in shuffling percussive accents and a rich, deep bass line seamlessly with the most deliciously soulful vocals makes it impossible to avoid being hooked by the natural infectiousness of this track. Kattison says that he “wanted to create something funky, disco-y, but also something emotive,” trying create something that sounded like nothing else that was out at the time.

Widely named as one to watch this year by the likes of Mixmag and Clash Magazine, “Up and Down” is probably Kattison’s best track to date. He taps into that soulful deep house sweet spot that makes for a track that will fire up these festivals and clubs, likely well into the next year. Look for “Up and Down” to be released on Insanity Records along with a bass-heavy, shuffling remix from Zed Bias, and an energetic drum n bass remix from producer Cyantific.

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