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Look Vibrant share new experimental-pop single "Bull and Eagle"

Look Vibrant is easily one of Montreal's most, well, vibrant experimental-pop acts.

What originally sprouted from a longterm friendship between frontmen Matt Murphy and Justin Lazarus, Look Vibrant soon expanded into a full-on five-piece band. Not looking back, the fivesome really seem to just be a bunch of best friends wanting to have fun amongst what they call "tongue-in-cheek melodies, gritty layers of noise and unchained energy". 

Their brand new single "Bull and Eagle" (of which we are premiering today) channels that exact momentous feel, but with a little less "Look Vibrant erraticism" than we're used to. Tapping into more of an infectious pop mentality, the track quite effortlessly rounds out the act's sound while thematically exploring recurring dreams Murphy has about his stepfather. 

In their own words, "Bull and Eagle" taps into the "desire for freedom in a life wrought with struggle, betrayal and discrimination". 

Listen below. 

Connect with Look Vibrant: FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud

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