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Ta-Ku & Wafia release collaborative EP 'm(edian)'

We first heard these two on a bone-chilling duet titled "American Girl" which was a  take of Estelle's classic "American Boy". Now Ta-Ku returns with an emotional five track EP featuring the Iraqi/Netherlands singer, Wafia titled (m)edian. 

The Perth native is notorious for his love making beats. He released a project Songs To Break Up To two years ago — then followed this project with another vulnerable project titled Songs To Make Up ToSo perhaps you're in the mood to make a baby, then break up & rekindle the flame with said babymakers counterpart? Or  maybe you just want to hear some beautiful music — this is the man to soundtrack the entire experience.

This EP strikes a different chord for both artists.  Ta-Ku is exercising his vocal abilities more and more as Wafia is delicately lacing her vocals through his production. (m)edian is a soulful and vulnerable take on their beautiful yet strenuous relationships in their lives. On "Treading Water," both artists switch off singing about trying to mend their broken relationships over a dark, almost spooky, yet uplifting production. Track two, "1.5" is an interlude consisting mainly of heavy piano chords that sets the mood for track three where the duo hope to "Meet In The Middle". Track 4, or "3.5," is a more synth-heavy ethereal production that takes the listener on a trip into the last track. "Love Somebody" was previously released this week to whet the appetite for listeners for this moment today! 

(m)edian embodies aan underwater wavy feel. One that makes you feel like you may just be drowning through heavy synths but an external chime keeps you afloat. Swallow your being in this project for a nostalgic look into love.

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Connect with Wafia: Soundcloud | Facebook | TwitterInstagram 

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