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Diveliner takes over Pokémon GO in his visual for "Bounty" [Video]

The illusive figure known as Diveliner has been fairly anonymous for his last few releases, but airy crooner has decided to step out of the shadows for his latest visual. Unless you have managed to completely avoid the internet and human interaction for the last month, it has been impossible to avoid the virtual-critter induced hysteria due to the Pokémon Go app. Dive claims that he came up with the idea to incorporate the app  into a music video randomly during a late night Poké-GO session with a group of friends, and after witnessing the sheer social influence the game had over his entire neighborhood.

Directed by Josh Forman , the inventive visual for "Bounty" is taken from the perspective of Dive's IPhone as he explores various LA locales within the Augmented Reality world of Pokémon GO. His lively performance of the track is heightened by the occasional Zubat appearance and some intriguing message notifications from some famous friends. Watch the video above!

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Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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