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Klangstof releases dreamy new single "We Are Your Receiver"

Although Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Koen van de Wardt has only been releasing music under Klangstof since the top of the year, he has already managed to become one of the most esteemed acts to arrive on the indie scene in a good while. His reflective and atmospheric songwriting has been praised by a number of high profile publications with every subsequent release, and has managed to reach the ears of LA-based record label and tastemaker collective Mind of A Genius who signed the group earlier in the year.

Klangstof's latest single "We Are Your Receiver" is the fourth song released off of the upcoming debut record, and might be his most relatable. The song is a commentary on the pitfalls of being too invested in social media validation and public perception in the internet age:

'We Are Your Receiver' is about leaving our offline selves behind. ‘Likes’ are a very addictive drug to people nowadays, and that scares the hell out of me. It’s like we need a constant confirmation of how good and popular we are. Even if we’re out running in the park, or having dinner with friends.”

Listen to the track above and stayed peeled for their upcoming debut via Mind of a Genius Records!

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