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New music video from Benta makes us think of a twisted ballet [Premiere]

The new "Lover In Dark" music video from NYC based artist Benta is one part ballet (a twisted one) and two parts modern dance. Benta is known for being steeped in anonymity, and this latest video is no less mysterious than previous works. This video is aptly titled, as Benta's tagline is "music + art. in the dark." 

While not much is known about Benta, he does manage to balance an entirely different life, one stands juxtaposed against his nighttime existence experimenting with drum machines, analog synths, and recording hardware.

 The results are this backing track, which perfectly mimics the movements of the dancers. It might be one part ballet and two parts modern dance, but the ballet doesn't cancel out the subtle sexiness of the video, and the transformative fluidity in their movement as the lovers try to find each other. 


Connect with Benta: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram  



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