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Get lost in Nurko's remix of "Lost In You" by Cavaro

Dreamy, emotional, and enigmatic in sound are the words that come to mind upon listening to this Nurko remix of Colombian producer Cavaro's "Lost In You," featuring the sultry vocals of singer Faheem

Based in New Jersey, Nurko recently dropped this remix via Prema Collective and it's truly a spectacle to behold. The track opens with a guitar progression that evokes a feeling of wistfulness before jumping into a colorful palette of sounds composed of snares, vocal samples, and soft synths in the background. Faheem's vocals are given the spotlight at points, but what truly stands out in this remix is the beautiful col legno-like melodic drop that guides the track forwards. Well arranged and paced, this remix articulately builds up emotionally and may leave your heart hanging when it ends. 

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