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Kemba is right on time with "The New Black Theory" visual

Kemba has been giving us food for thought with his latest, Frank Drake produced singles "The New Black Theory" and "Already". He has returned with a disturbingly honest visual for "The New Black Theory".

The Sense Hernandez and Kemba directed, Groundhog Day style visual serves as a contradiction to the idea that police harass Black men because of the way they dress. Kemba and Hernandez show a Black man going through the same interactions in different clothing; however, his interaction with the cops results in the same outcome. This goes to support that clothing has nothing to do with the excessive force exercised by the police against Blacks. This visual is extremely timely given the current climate of police brutality.

All signs are pointing to Kemba's Negus being a must hear once released July 22nd. Hit play on Kemba's "The New Black Theory" visual and stay woke!

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