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Elizabeth Hunter releases tempestuous new music video for "Amy" [Premiere]

There's nothing worse for a woman than the sneaking suspicion that she is being cheated on. Add to that being called by the wrong name and she could be dealing with a personality temporarily split down the middle. And this is exactly what we see on the new music video "Amy" from NYC based songstress Elizabeth Hunter, which deals with the musings that swirl in the aftermath. Backed by a soundtrack of indie-pop goodness, the music video is the tempestuous feelings and emotions all women with these suspicions can relate to. 


"I'd introduce it as 'a song about what happens when your man is being sweet with you and then says the wrong name. I'd say suspicion of infidelity is an emotionally polarizing thing. A side of you is concerned, doubtful, sure you must be mistaken. But another part is furious, convinced, and even vengeful. You're caught in this emotional limbo, it's parallelizing, and I tried to represent that in the two versions of me you see in the video. It's such a fine line between trust and naivety, reasonable suspicion and going mad. That's the core of what 'AMY' is about." 

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