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GUTS drops "Rest of My Life" with Lorine Chia & Tanya Morgan [Premiere]

GUTS has released his newest single off his upcoming album Eternal, called "Rest of My Life".

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I've been graced with two songs in the past week that have reminded me of a tracks from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. I preferably would play "Rest of My Life" at the scene where Bill shows up at Beatrix Kiddo's wedding (primarily known as The Bride in Kill Bill Vol 1) or codenamed Black Mamba if you're a fucking savage Tarantino vet. I chose that scene because that's punny as fuck with the title, but also because of the new age gospel vocals and the Oriental sounding guitar/chimes/piano keys. Ah but there is a twist in this plot. This is Kill Bill Vol 3 and Django and Beatrix have revenge on all those who acted as fuccbois before them.  Lorine Chia's vocals come in so sultry sounding like a Chance The Rapper gospel soundscape. In a perfect world, they would be at the altar at the rehearsal as Bill walks in and fucks with everyone's mind. The Oriental chords drop and everything is in slow motion as you're currently being mind fucked and trying to process it all. The most mind fucking of all is when TWO OG Kanyes walk into the rehearsal. Then you think to yourself, yeah this production totally could've been OG kanye and wait a minute, the Brooklynati duo Tanye Morgan totally have a similar rap cadence to the College Dropout. Behind of all of this chaos, I imagine the Italian pianist Zucchero Fornaciari just vibing out as explosions go off at the wedding rehearsal. 

For real though, this track has got an infectious hook, a summer soundscape, a uplifting message all on top of an eclectic yet old school production. You can listen to this in the whip, on a boat or in a fur coat or smoke spliffs alone. 

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