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Everydayz & Phazz return with silky Almeria 2.0 EP [Premiere]

The French beat scene has got to be the most sophisticated corner of electronic music. Beautifully melding hip hop beats over quirky synths, the cool style found in the musical style are essentially timeless. French beatmakers Everydayz and Phazz are back with a new remix EP Almeria 2.0, reflecting on last years release of the original track. The smooth tune originally pulled out warm and silky sensations in it's future beat styles and grand melodies. The track became an instant classic with it's recognizable chords and vivacity. Breathing in new life to the track and revisiting the unforgettable tune, Everydayz and Phazz have invited several artists to add their own spin to the work. 

At EARMILK, we have the exciting opportunity to present the different takes on "Almeria" through the Almeria 2.0 remix EP released off the cutting edge Nowadays Records. Slick beat connoisseur 20syl is known for his organic style and brings that approach in his version of "Almeria". Adding fresh layers of vocals and slightly speeding up the work, 20syl chops up this version as raw and puzzling in the most clever way. The addition of Krystle Warren's vocals strengthen the present emotions in the track, bringing it back to a human scale and adding a textured soul. Lastly, Gaël Rakotondrabe adds a classic touch in his piano rendition of the work. Simple and strong, the keys speak softly to the heart and sing a dreamy lullaby.

“All the remix built itself around one central element from the original track: the piano. I tried to develop a new rhythmic identity around this sound increase the soul color while keeping a modern dynamic.” - 20syl

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