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Zimmer x Pallace debut official video for "Saturday Love" [Premiere]

In the spring of 2015, DJ and producer Zimmer teamed up with one of his fellow Parisian contemporaries and Roche Musique label-mate Pallace on the infectious house track "Saturday Love." A uniquely French combination of disco, loungey new age and house, "Saturday Love" was an homage to Cherrelle's 1985 hit of the same name, and saw remixes from a range of artists. Now, a year later, the track is back in our repertoire but with a new addition: a music video.
Zimmer and Pallace enlisted some big help for the making of the video for "Saturday Love," bringing on Cannes award-winning director Mackenzie Sheppard behind the scens. And the collaboration has yielded something great inspired by Sheppard's current home of Tokyo.
Set in a shabby, unremarkably familiar office setting in Tokyo, the video follows a stressed out worker who is followed and tempted by a mysterious dancing green man. As the video progresses that green man very quickly becomes less mysterious and ominous, and more like a friend begging to go out on a weekend. We're all inevitably rooting for this employee, who just as unavoidably succumbs to the fun. Resembling a "stick it to the man" video like we've seen from artists like Nicky Romero vs Avicii's "I Could Be The One," the video for "Saturday Love" allows the viewer to feel ready to let loose just themselves, channeling the common inner stress we all feel day to day.
The single for "Saturday Love" is available to stream and to download via multiple outlets. 

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