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Take a reflective walk down "Cobbled Streets" with Bess Atwell [Premiere]

The wind flickers wisps of hair on the back of your neck as you slowly walk through your town with a mixture of feelings: wanting, discontent, promise, desire, anxiety, and dread. You stretch your head upwards and take in the slow moments as you walk with lethargy toward nowhere and everywhere all the same, basking in the calming quiet. That's the emotion that folk singer-songwriter Bess Atwell evokes in her song "Cobbled Streets."  In the song, her voice is rich and smooth, like ice melting under warm espresso. In her video for the single, old footage is paired with shots of Bess breaking the fourth wall, as though she is spilling her heart directly towards us, taking her in to her desire and discontent. The video pairs well with the melancholic nostalgia and search of something more. It's a chilling song that reminds you that not everyone has it figured out, and that's OK. Cobbled Streets is off her debut album release, Hold Your Mind, out July 8 via Bullynose Hoop Records

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