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Andrew Keoghan is king of the club world in "Queues at Dani Keys" [Video Premiere]

New Zealand's Andrew Keoghan will deliver a new album, Every Orchid Offering, through Fuchsia Kick on July 29.  The album will be Keoghan's U.S. debut, with his initial entrance a few weeks ago being the odd Grizzly Bear-esque chamber pop of "Stuck in Melodies."  Now he's back with a video for "Queues at Dani Keys," and it takes you on a genre -blending, gender-bending ride through the club scene.  From the costumes to Keoghan's voice and lyrics, things feel a little tongue-in-cheek and satirical here, but that doesn't mean "Queues at Dani Keys" isn't a great song.

Andrew Keoghan says:

"Directed by New Zealand's Puck Murphy, the country's hottest VFX video director, the "Queues At Dani Keys" clip is a quantum fashion piece; a multi-dimensional nightclub, where one's alter ego seduces its' other facade, in a wry commentary on vanity, reinvention and the perils of big city ambition."


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