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Lose yourself in Izzard's remix of Mansionair's "Speak Easy" [Premiere]

Aussie based indie-rock group Mansionair's "Speak Easy," is a beautiful ethereal song that has the massive yet delicate size and effect of clouds slowly crawling before the sun. Fragile guitar riffs underscore the breathy vocals as the chorus pleads out, "Speak easy to me. Got a lot on your mind tonight." The song encompasses a sense of calm concern while lying with a loved one, wanting to embrace the moment and not let anything interrupt the serenity you're sharing. The mood and atmosphere the song creates flexes Maisonair's ability to wax poetic and create an emotive sense that extends beyond their music. Following the single's release, Izzard adds an electronic touch to it. Tinges of guitar notes are traded for subdued synths and glistening piano notes, underscored by driving percussion that amplifies the massive sense of want and desire the song embodies. It's a beautiful rendition to a captivating song that you want to wrap yourself in like a warm blanket. Check out the original track from their Pick Me Up EP on Spotify below. 

Connect with Mansionair: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Chillwave · Experimental · Feature · Premiere


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