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Check out Bohkeh's cover of Tennyson's "Fault Line"

Considering the bright, colorful playfulness of RJ Lim's music as Bohkeh, it's no surprise that he's a fan of Canadian duo Tennyson.  Lim recently reworked Tennyson's track "Fault Line," and took it one step further than a remix, showcasing his voice for the first time while covering the song.  

While Bohkeh and Tennyson's music share some qualities, Lim completely reinvents the track, with seemingly none of the original sounds remaining.  While so many would settle for a remix, this cover from Bohkeh demonstrates his varied talents and work ethic.  Check out his version of "Fault Line" above, and below check out the recent video for his alternate version of  "Kissing Faded."  Bohkeh's Cotton EP is out now, grab yourself a free download HERE.


Bohkeh: Live Dates
Off Campus | Hollywood, CA | June 30, 2016
626 Night Market | Santa Anita, CA | July 2, 2016


Connect with Bohkeh: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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