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Opia releases breezy sophomore single "Shadow Dances"

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There’s something kind of wondrous about a super clean music profile that has, over a brief span of several months, accumulated over a million hits on the sole track that’s been posted.

One such group who has achieved this type of clean cut, uncluttered, and highly impressive profile is sexy pop (ish?) duo Opia, comprised of Yale University students Jacob and Cole. At the top of 2016, they spent three weeks living out of an underground studio in New Haven, writing music for what would become Opia. Before long, they released their debut single “Falling”, a sultry, guitar-laced track dripping with an addictive sound that seemed to capture the ears of all who fell under its spell. It’s quickly sped past the one million mark on SoundCloud, with over two million on Spotify. Their socials are sparse in terms of detail-oriented promotion, which has only helped drive the curiosity of those who want to see what the duo has to offer next.

Today, Opia has finally returned with their second single and let’s cut straight to the chase: it does not disappoint. While their style in “Falling” appeared to be pretty defining, “Shadow Dances” showcases the versatility of the duo’s musicality. The track opens with a recording of what appears to be a radio host with a pointed British accent introducing the duo “based out of New Haven Connecticut, this is Opia”, setting up the laid-back sound of the track. It’s a nice little addition, and quickly segues into gentle jazzy piano chords that quietly accompany the soft hazy voices of Jacob and Cole, evenly matched with the utmost perfection.

Before long, the chorus settles in, lyrics such as “I’ll take my chances / done with questions I’ll just / make my answers / the sun can’t help but shine, his / shadow dances” energetically serenading the listener and that signature guitar from “Falling” makes its appearance here. Elaborate tastes of some hollow, light-sounding drums pop in and out of the piece unexpectedly, adding that final touch of alertness to “Shadow Dances” which juxtaposes the otherwise chill sound of the track.

Overall, “Shadow Dances” continues to prove to listeners that Opia is not just a one-hit wonder; they’re back and undoubtedly cooking up more new tunes to share with the world this year. And most importantly, with these first two releases, it seems that Opia likes to put a heavy emphasis on perfecting and fine tuning their sound with a consideration that does not go unnoticed by any who choose to listen. No complaints there.

Connect with Opia: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook



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