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LeMarquis' 'Mindtrick' EP is a soulful exploration of sound [Premiere & Interview]

Sometimes, what we simply need more than anything is feel good music. Music to groove to and feed the soul. Not too long ago we introduced French producer LeMarquis and his track "Radar" on EARMILK. The producer is a multi-talented act, providing his own instrumental skills as well as vocal chops to add a raw timbre to his sound. The artist takes inspirations from other talents who dabble in old school R&B and soul influence including Kaytranada, Mura Masa, Majid Jordan, etc. Through his funk-filled productions and sultry vocals, LeMarquis' French touch sets the foundation to be a contemporary classic.

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has the opportunity to unveil the long-awaited Mindtrick EP, as well as go over his musical inspirations and thoughts on the electronic scene. Also known as Théo, the versatile artist hailing from Nimes, France, roots his musical beginnings to rock and roll. Growing up, LeMarquis was introduced to his father's music which ranged from classics including the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath to smaller names such as XTC and King Crimson. The Beatles are Théo's most signifcant musical influence as he states “...They are the ones who first gave me the passion and the envy to make music on my own, to play and write songs.”. Reflecting on today's trends in music, LeMarquis mentions, “I'd love to see a Rock'n'Roll revival" like in the early 2000s with The Strokes.”. This rock influence led him to learning guitar and eventually was merged with his love for French electronic acts including SebastiAn, Daft Punk and Justice.

The artist also has an incredible voice to lend to his personal work, which is very apparent on Mindtrick. Regarding the pros and cons in using his own vocals, LeMarquis states, “I produce and sing on my own music because I like to find hooks and melodies myself for a song, so naturally I started to record my voice, it's way more simple to do it yourself, but also limited sometimes.” LeMarquis is well known for his fusion of R&B and electronic sounds in his remixes, marking the EP as a special and serious work for the artist.

There's a lot of way of making music, but I guess making a remix or an original is not so different for me... The only difference is that when I start a remix, I always keep the vocal track only and start from there. For an original song, it may comes from a guitar riff, or a synth sound and then I try to develop it, even lyrics inspire me to produce. For example, the track "Radar" came from the guitar riff in the intro, I wrote the whole song (chorus/verses) with this loop and then I started to produce and arrange it properly on my computer.”

When considering the electronic scene on a international level, France seems to be high up in the ranks as a leading hub for cutting edge sound. Nowadays Records continues to release music from artists who instead develop musical innovations rather than following hyped trends. With the release of Mindtrick, LeMarquis stands out as one of the artists who continue to blur the lines between genres with his creativity. Regarding the importance in going outside the comfort zone, LeMarquis mentions that artists should be seeking to make something “new” and constructing “something you never heard before at some point in your musical career.”

The first single released, "Radar," shows off LeMarquis' silky vocals and slick guitar work. The serrated vocal chops add future vibes which are highlighted by a wavy sidechain pumping in and out. "Lose Control" comes through as a poignant work as it uses a plump synth that envelops the track in deep emotions. Le Marquis' vocals have a bittersweet tint that compliment the trickling guitar. The EP also features silky vocals from chanteuse Chiara Noriko on "Thoughts". The track is a polished work that merges funky bass methods with Noriko's enticing '90s inspired chops. "Shame" takes a more contemporary approach to production. LeMarquis dabbles in the realm of future bass in this track, but with a grounded, organic sound. The blended vocal manipulations and perky bounce within the synthesizers create for an upbeat aesthetic. Lastly, LeMarquis concludes with "Feel That", an emotionally driven pop track that will cater to an expansive audience.

In the entirety of the EP, LeMarquis conducts a unique combination of nostalgic R&B and modern electronic energies, painted with a tasteful commercial appeal. Standing out as a black sheep in a herd of producers, LeMarquis' eclectic talents aid in crafting an authentic and memorable sound to be enjoyed by contemporary crowds and older audiences alike. Stream and download Mindtrick here.

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