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Travel with Wiki through the dingy NY streets in "3 Stories" [Video]

Ratking's Wiki always seems to manage to pack incredible lyrical content, with cool delivery atop diverse production. Since his introduction on the scene, he has been looked at as an ambassador of New York's underground scene—a title he neither shies away from nor downplays. His rhymes and tales mostly revolve around and feel like his hometown; he especially loves to embrace the grittier, dirtier, smellier side of NYC. His leanings toward the darker elements of the Concrete Jungle gives his music a unique flavor, one which can only be made after a hundred sweaty subterranean Subway rides around the city.

On his solo debut, Lil Me, Wiki shows that he has the talent to stand alone on a full project and that his love for New York will never falter. His latest single, "3 Stories," tells the story of a wild night. It begins with the young rapper climbing up three stories in a wild apartment building to a girls crib, where the two proceed to hook up. Wiki quickly heads back into the night, where he wanders aimlessly, but ends up at a friends place drinking and smoking. Clearly drunk, he finally heads home in a dangerously fast taxi. Kaytranada produces "3 Stories;" he fills the track with warm jazz notes that is reminiscent of old New York movies.

Jayme Lemperle and Evan Borja animate "3 Stories" accompanying video. The drawings are not the prettiest in the world, it is no Disney. However, the purpose of the visuals are not to wow the audience with beautiful scenes, but to depict the nastiness and griminess of Wiki's night. Lemperle and Borja accomplish the intended goal. The representation of each part of Wiki's story is cool and surprisingly detailed. It is an interesting way of recounting and viewing a night.

Lil Me is a free download and highly recommended. Wiki continues to excite with his rhyming and you do not want to miss anything he releases. Check out "3 Stories" above. 

 Connect with Wiki: Website | Twitter| Soundcloud

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