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Get hooked on Ramonda Hammer's "If, Then"

Grunge outfit Ramonda Hammer has released a new video for the pop-punk thrasher "If, Then," a rollicking anti-summer anthem that chronicles each members' traintrack-side angst. The foursome, whose namesake is provided by a former contestant on the off-the-air reality television show "Cheaters," bangs out feminine aggression in the spirit of '90s alt-rock. It's a welcome shake-up in a sea of summer recliners. 

The video pans around raw emotions by way of the girls' faces, tears, and movements, rather than stringing together any sort of explicit story. It works for them, too—beneath the obvious sheath of chokers and watery mascara, Ramonda Hammer strikes a thin dichotomy between thrasher-pop anxiety and a rocker's shoulder shrug. As founder Devin Davis explains, "We take what we can to do what we can."

Ramonda Hammer's latest album, Whatever That Means, is out now.

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