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Arona Mane is all about Retro/Future Music on latest mixtape

Sydney-based Arona Mane has been honing in what he calls RETRO/FUTURE music. With a new mixtape appropriately entitled 2096:Retro/Future out this week the producer shares his love of  funk, soul and hip-hop. The characteristic blend of these different genres align quite nicely into a sound of future-funk electronica, and a sound we most certainly can groove to on any dancefloor. 

While not small enough to be called an EP and not full enough to be an album, Arona Mane is calling the collection of his 10 singles a mixtape. With everything from collaborations alongside Thandi Phoenix and Miracle, a collection of bootlegs with the likes of Nas, and Major Lazer, Tate Kobang, and Hermitude remixes, the mixtape has something for every kind of mood you're in. 

When speaking on the mixtape Arona says, “2096 refers to bringing the golden age of hip-hop into the future. ‘96 is widely regarded as the best year in hip-hop, which saw the release of some of the now classic albums from Jay Z, The Fugees, Snoop, 2Pac, Nas, Outkast and The Roots.  Musing these greats, I wanted to present an actual body of work very early on, in an effort to introduce my sound in a bigger way. The electronic music scene is generally dominated by artists who release single after single, which is cool, but since I was a kid, I’ve always fallen in love with artists because of their albums as a whole - I want to deliver that feeling with my music” 

2096:Retro/Future is just the beginning for Arona Mane's plans over the next few monthss. 2096 is now up for FREE download through Between Music.

Connect with Arona Mane: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter

Dance · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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