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Codes releases his new 'Pyramids' EP and launches Brooklyn party [Premiere]

NYC based Codes is known for bringing hip-hop stylings to house, and on new track "The Pyramids" from his Pyramids EP he doesn't disappoint. "The Pyramids," along with "Make The Building Shake," released on Treasure Finger's Psycho Disco label, showcase the sound that Codes has been bringing to the underground for some time now, as well as to Trans-Pecos in Brooklyn where had had his EP release party. 

While he keeps it DIY, Codes is no small-timer and has done remixes alongside the likes of A-Trak, as well as for labels Ultra, Main Course, SMOG, Central Station, and Plant. Codes is known for his annual "House Party," which took place monthly in Brooklyn last year, but now he is bringing a new flavor with his "Pyramids Party," which launched in one of the trendier nightlife spots in the borough. 


Connect with Codes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 

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