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Watch the new video for BAMBARA's bleeding psychedelic anthem "I Don't Mind"

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Brooklyn-based noise punk trio, BAMBARA, have just shared the video for their new single “I Don’t Mind” from their sophomore effort Swarm, available via Arrowhawk records now. “I Don’t Mind” is a grinding ode to punk revivalism, bleeding enough distortion that vocalist/guitarist Reid Bateh’s lyrics are often drowned far past the point of intelligibility. While we’re on the topic of the singing, Bateh’s singing uniformly feels like a pained humming drone that sounds possesses a hint Kurt Vile’s iconic nasaliness singing overlain with dangerous fuzz comparable to Ty Segall’s Melted.

BAMBARA hails from Athens, Georgia, but has renounced any element of southern influence except for early Austin psych rock a la 13th Floor Elevators. “I Don’t Mind” is painful to listen to, but that’s the allure. Everything, from William Brookshire’s dangling anticipatory slow bass rhythm to the buzzing cacophonic looped guitar melody, is an enticing invitation to follow BAMBARA into the psychedelic aether.

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