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Delayers deliver on "She Bad" [Premiere]

Just two months ago, production duo Lush & Simon joined Nameless Records for its official launch. With a melodic single from themselves and Gazzo as the initial introduction to the imprint’s brand, the second release on the label sets a more diverse tone. This time it’s from Delayers, who as modern day dance music has transformed the industry into place for mostly-solo or duo groups, prove that a production trio is still relevant.

Hailing from San Marino, Italy, the guys behind Delayers have been making house music since the bloghaus era, making big room tracks with artists like Tiesto and David Guetta. Now they’re joining Nameless Records to support their fellow countrymen with the release of an EP with two entirely original tracks. Let It Go / She Bad features a range of talent demonstrated by Delayers, with “Let It Go” showcasing a summery, pop/dance crossover sound and “She Bad” posing as an impressive instrumental demonstration. We’ve got a first-listen to “She Bad,” ahead of its release this week.

“She Bad” is a mature take on the trend-of-the-moment style house music, combining retro piano chord progressions with just as retro b-boy beats and sampling alongside deep soulful electro. They even resurrected bloghaus era electro synths synonymous with Afrojack in his day that only emphasize the impressively big energy they’ve brought to the song. With the release of “She Bad,” we hope to see more success for Delayers down the road.

Connect with Delayers: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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