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Nisha makes herself vulnerable in latest single "Hard Liquor" [Premiere]

Artist and songwriter Nisha explores her favorite vices: pride, self-destruction, idealism and whiskey in her new single Hard Liquor.Based on a breakup that just wouldnt end, she makes herself vulnerable by reflecting the her latest on electro pop single.

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Nisha tells her story with an emotional sound that ranges from defeated to longingly powerful. The song begins soft and sweet, with a sad reverb-drenched piano and an intimate vocal. Hard hitting beats comes in for parts of the song, only to come back down for the chorus. The songs dynamic electronic production by Brandon Rowen, aka Birocratic, along with Nishas ability to switch so seamlessly from a whisper to a wailing belted bridge mirrors the track wisps the listener away.

Nisha cowrote Hard Liquorwith her friend Terrance Thomas for a writing workshop. She drew inspiration from the song Lilac Wine,which sings I drink more than I outta drink because it brings me back to you.

"Its one of my favorite songs. That line hit me every time because it just felt so sad and yet beautiful because the person was so hopelessly idealistic and foolishly in love. I think that's what I related to: wanting to be with someone even though everything about it was wrong, and continuing to go after it against my better judgement in a way that became self destructive." Nisha

This is Nishas first release since 2013, when she first began exploring electronic production and vocal sampling. With her first songs in 2013, she was so fascinated with producing in a new medium that she evaded her emotions in songwriting.

"I used a lot of metaphor and vague lyrics because I wanted people to feel what I was saying without fully understanding it. You could say I was hiding a bit in the smoke and mirrors of the production. I was ready to be way more vulnerable and direct with Hard Liquor.

With Hard Liquor,Nisha achieved her songwriting goals, connecting deeply with herself and sharing an imperfect moment to make listeners feel less alone in their own emotional experiences. In addition to performing and writing for herself, Nisha also works with artists like Alyson Stoner, Daya, and Toby Gad.

Connect with Nisha: Official Site | Instagram | Twitter

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