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Moglebaum drops "Raindrops" and it's absolutely stunning [Premiere]

5-piece band Moglebaum hails from Cologne/Düsseldorf in Germany and they're completely smashing their latest release "Raindrops", which we have the first listen for you today. The product of 23-year-old jazz pianist and producer Simon Ebener-Holscher (solo aka “Moglii”), Moglebaum had its roots originally as a solo project, but Simon soon realized he wanted to explore the range of sounds and instrumentation, so he enlisted a band to come on board. Made up of Simon Ebener-Holscher (Production & Synthesizer), Alessandro Fama (Co-Production & Samples), Franziska Geiß (Vocalist), Jonas Geyersberger (Saxophone & Loopstation), Michael Kemkes (Drums), the group have found their stride in organic electronic beats, vocal-samples, and the sound of analogue synthesizers. 

Turning the electronic project into a diverse mic of acoustic instruments, which we hear all too well on "Raindrops", the band describes the sound as a "very unique soundscape and the live-character of Moglebaum, composed of beat-based music and acoustic orchestration."

We certainly love what we are hearing and hope you will as well. Give it a listen below. 

Connect with Moglebaum: Facebook I Soundcloud I Twitter



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