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A$AP Mob shows what it takes to graduate with top honors at "Yamborghini High" [Video]

After the successful release of both A$AP Rocky's and A$AP Ferg's sophomore projects (At. Long. Last. ASAP and Always Strive And Prosper respectively), it appears that A$AP Mob have turned their attention to their long awaited studio album. Fans have had to wait a long time to hear the collective altogether on a record or song. Although the more popular members have been able to drop LPs, some of the promising talent have sacrificed for the brands near global takeover. However, all the members are still focused on the vision and "Yamborghini High" is a testament that the wait was worth its weight in gold. 

"Yamborghini High" is dedicated to the late A$AP Mob founder and overall creative leader, A$AP Yams. His wild lifestyle and flashy persona influence a solid portion of the videos' lavish and decadent moments. If you wanted to know what it means to be "Mob Rich," you can expect expensive cars, great weed, beautiful models, and soft robes. The crew members are seen mobbing in front of a green screen mansion and driving (presumably) Lamborghinis around a mountain side road. All throughout, the purple tinted visuals are digitally distorted, which gives everything a psychedelic, vaporwave vibe; randomly during the chorus, Juicy J's, who is a featured artist on the track, image appears and flashes across the screen humorously. 

"Yamborghini High" features great verses from Rocky, Ferg, A$AP Ant, and A$AP Nast. Each rapper describes their lives and what it means to be living in luxury. The accompanying video does its best to capture this theme and each individuals uniqueness. Check out the cool video above. 

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