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Abri chronicles love & unforeseen beauty in 'Wonderlust' [Premiere]

Sabrina Reitman, a.k.a Abri, captivated listeners with the beginning of an R&B love tale during her first debut single Tie Me Down.Abri is now ready to share the rest of that story with her debut EP, Wonderlust.

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Wonderlust is a five-track EP released under Abris collective, SHIMASHIMA, that details what Abri describes as the ambiguous headspace where you cant determine whether you are in love or in lust with a person.Each song gives the listener a look into a specific, disparate experience Abri had on her journey through her Wonderlust in London, and all the songs are tied together by retro, electronic-pop production by SHIMASHIMA member Lea Serres.

The first four tracks are all danceable, radio-ready pop tracks fused together by modern R&B sounds. The choruses for Tip of My Tongue” and  Lovesick provide an undeniably feel good vibe with cleanly produced pop elements, light keyboard hooks and her hitting support vocals provided by Lexi Todd. The album stays true to the narrative and continues with more insight of this love experience during the track Tie Me Down.” It's followed by “Way Too Aware,” which touches on the punishing need to resist one's urge for PDA at sober social gatherings with a forbidden loveAbri decides to break it down for the final track of the EP, For Closure,which is a more downbeat reflection of Abris return to New York with her new girlfriend. In her words, the final song brings to light complexities that can only be expected from a relationship born out of the ashes of anotheror in this case, another two.

Abri’s wide-range diva vocals, matched with an undeniable gift for storytelling, creates an alluring EP that captivates listeners and successfully chronicles the story of love, confusion and unforeseen amazement

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