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Paideia's "Myth" is dance music at its most honest [Premiere]

Five years ago, Charlie Mischer left his longtime home of Los Angeles, moving to New York City to pursue a degree in music at NYU.  Having started out as a drummer, Mischer wasn't content until he was able to craft fully-developed songs on his own.  Now, recording club-ready synth pop tracks under the name Paideia, Mischer is set to share his self-titled debut EP on May 20.


 If you take one look at Mischer's list of influences -  LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, New Order, Caribou -  it's clear the guy's a hopeless romantic, but it's not love he's after so much as romanticism for life.  According to Mischer, his latest single, "Myth" is about how love and desire are overly glamorized concepts that don't solve your problems if you haven't figured out who you are yet.  He explains;
"I think confronting uncomfortable subjects through dance music is incredibly cathartic, and can help you get in touch with yourself. That's what my entire Paideia project deals with."
 "Myth" is both a great dance track and a nearly satirical piece of commentary.  While it uses the sensuous, love-obsessed style of EDM, it's really about individuality.  Check it out above, and head over to Paideia's Soundcloud to hear two other recent singles, "Liaison" and "Restless Child."


Connect with Paideia: Soundcloud | Instagram

Premiere · Synth Pop


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