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John Walt straight flexes on "Price On" [Premiere]

John Walt is the latest rapper/singer from the Windy City looking to make a name for himself. The young Chicago artist is a part of the Pivot Gang, whose influence continues to grow as its most salient member, Saba, captures more and more national attention. While it would be easy to follow his comrades tried and true formula, Walt decided to make his on lane and push for his own unique style. 

His songs are not full frontal lyrical assaults or homages to his hometown, but rather they are autotuned laced rap ballads that better represent Atlanta's new wave sound. Walt sings as much as he raps, albeit it is technically a rhythmic slurring punctuated with a few impactful punchlines. Thanks to the unique delivery style, his vocals can seemingly blend into the production, creating some trippy effects. 

"Price On" is John Walt's latest single and one that really demonstrates his style to the utmost degree. OnGaud gives him a thumping beat, with minimal clutter or distraction. Walt comes in and delivers an impressive performance, manipulating his voice in a number of ways; seemingly seducing the beat, while spitting game to a lucky woman. It's not the most bar heavy MC work but he does have a view lines up his sleeve to maintain the listeners attention. More importantly, he is clearly skilled at crafting catchy hooks, which will serve him well in the future. We're excited to see how that carries over on his debut, Dinner With John


Connect with John Walt: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Photo cred: Jude Appleby


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