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Get Lost In Adia Victoria's "Dead Eyes"

If Adia Victoria has spent the last few months in training for the release of her power-folk debut album, then her new single, “Dead Eyes,” is a brazen warning that she’s up and ready to start swingin’. The short and sweet tune plays like a one-two punch from a woman who knows she’s sharp, strong, and a little bit creepy, and isn’t afraid to wild out on the next guy who walks in the bar.

You might recognize Adia Victoria as the newest country-punk ambassador to Nashville. Each of her (as yet released) tracks is what down-home twang might sound like if you threw it into a cocktail shaker with glistening guitar and ethereal alternapop. The yelp-happy power chords fuzzing up “Dead Eyes” – angry and hot with whiskey-backed courage – suggest she’s finally ready to blow.  

Adia Victoria’s debut, Beyond The Bloodhounds, is due this May.

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