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Broderick Batts releases new single "SheDGAF" [Premiere]

Broderick Batts has released his new single "SheDGAF" exclusively on our site today and it draws the fine line between rapping and singing. It straddles the feeling of passing a joint around a circle and a night taking shots straight out of a bottle. LA based artist Batts style is reminiscent of slow jam rapper Drake and he often brings to mind artists you already know and love. 

Batts explained it himself with, "My producer (tizhimself) and I had an exciting moment where we both realized we had a similar taste in 90s music, most of them being Seattle grunge bands. We immediately got together and started cooking up songs that had the same melancholy vibes, 'SheDGAF' being one of them." 

"SheDGAF" is a follow up to his first effort, the 2001 Odyssey EP and promises good things on the horizon. 

Connect with Broderick Batts: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

Main Stage · Rap


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