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garrett and Mic Kellogg's "Cereal" is part of this balanced breakfast [Premiere]

We can all relate to the luscious combination of crunchy, sugary sweet and chilled leche; our top and bottom lips clamping down on cold metal spoon, our molars and canines and incisors chomping each flake or puff or pebble into saccharine shavings. 

Ah, cereal.

Everyone's favorite "part of this balanced breakfast" is artificially sweetened, but there's nothing manufactured about Bostonian rhymer garrett's brand of "Cereal," a warm and heartfelt homage that packs tasty, nostalgic confection into every bite. From Cap'n Crunch and Corn Pops to OG Raisin Bran, garrett perfectly encapsulates the only sweet part about waking up for school or work in the morning.

garrett's throwback cereal bars soak up North Villah's production like milk in a bowl of Lucky Charms -- seeping through each crevice of toasted oat and marshmallow, adding fullness to Villah's cozy guitar sample and easygoing drums. Midwest sensation Mic Kellogg joins in on the fun, as well, serving up scrumptious spoonfuls of sugary crack rock that are wavier than finding a toy at the bottom of the bag.

After dropping his highly acclaimed The 6YS mixtape last year, "Cereal" is a welcome sign garrett is picking up right where he left off. Be on the looky-look for more crispy records from MA's most notorious cereal killer, and crank this jawn extra loud while you spoon with your first love.

Connect with garrett: SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with Mic Kellogg: SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with North Villah: SoundCloud | Twitter

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