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Merk's 'The 6YS' mixtape is ice cream for your ears

When it comes to his stage name, "Merk" is no misnomer -- the Bostonian beat-slayer undoubtedly merks every instrumental thrown his direction. However, while the term "merk" carries a somewhat aggressive connotation, this dude kills beats with kindness; his playful, nostalgic steelo and predilection for witty rhymes and silky hooks make this dude's music a must-peep. The 6YS, Merk's latest offering, is a 16-track journey that's smooth, uplifting, and unskippable (try hitting that "next" button -- I dare you). Shuck it out:

From the get-go, Merk establishes his laid-back spit that's full of millennial rebellion and throwback pop culture references. This no-effs-given, reminiscent steez helps set up the mixtape's major theme of getting older but refusing to grow up and abandon one's inner-adolescent. One track that exemplifies this trope is "Mucho Mango," a wholesome, piano-keyed jam featuring his favorite chilled Arizona beverage.

Merk, who is 1/3 of the trio PAKXEMH, a group that cracked the Billboard 200 last year, also displays an incredible knack for narrative in The 6YS (Sixth Year Senior). Every track feels like a pleasant pit stop on a coming-of-age road trip that unfortunately and inevitably has to end. Nevertheless, by the end of the outro -- which features a touching voicemail from a close comrade -- one simultaneously feels a sense of closure and a need to replay the entire project front-to-back.

Merk's chillaxadocious, alternative sound makes The 6YS a truly special record and ideal compliment to your Summer music library. At just 23, he is starting his Michael Jordan year with a blocka blocka and this is just the tip of the 'berg. We see you, Merk.

MG's Milkiest: "Mucho Mango," "Bone Chilla," "The Greatest Rap Song Ever"


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